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I’m 36 years young and I don’t know anything. It took me 36 years to figure that out. I’m in love with my husband and my kids and I’m just trying to be present on this journey called life.

My name is Erin Slater and when I grow up I want to be an intentionista. An intentionista is someone who I imagine is devoted to living with intention, particularly authentic or genuine intention. After a fairly deep multi-year journey of introspection, I admitted how much of my life had become intention-less. And it was really, really, really hard. I realized that I’d spent the last fifteen years in the “When I” mode. “When I get the job, when I get engaged, when I get married, when I get the house, when I get pregnant…THEN I will be happy.”

I poured myself into my job, one with a amazing people and a terrific mission that changes many lives. In a relatively short time, I became a wife, a mom, a CEO, a community leader and a work-a-holic.

I consistently felt in conflict as a wife, a mom, an executive, a mentor and a leader representing great mission. And also felt in conflict with myself which, for me, was likely the most difficult aspect to comprehend. My marriage suffered, family and friendships were neglected.

I hit the critical point where change was needed and spent several years bringing my work and life into balance. I started to get real about my past, how it has affected who I am today and to also begin thinking about dreams for the future.

Something happened. I started to get happy. Authenticity became a word I strive to embody. Intentionality became a way of life I want to exude. This journey has meant for me that I need to do my best to be present to my world and to spend my time and energy on what really matters to my heart in that moment. intentionista.com has become a way to build a community of sharing with those who feel the same.

I invite you to connect with me on facebook, twitter or through this site. You can also email me at erin@intentionista.com.