seeking approval or avoiding disapproval?

I am who I am photo

Conflict used to be a terrifying topic for this reformed people-pleaser. For decades, I was driven by a strong need for approval and always thought that it was the right way, perhaps the only way, for me to be. After all, what’s there not to like about pleasing others? Continue reading

nothing is right but everything is perfect


I click through the hundreds of swimsuits available online at Victoria’s Secret as I imagine the perfect beach getaway. I’m in search of a new suit or two and am considering a two-piece. Mind you, it’s been YEARS since I’ve touched a two-piece suit. I’ve been sporting my favorite go-to, the tankini with skirt, for the most recent few years. But this year I’ve been working out, eating great and feeling really good and my husband is really excited about the prospect of me in a bikini for our ten year anniversary trip. Yes, two-piece it is… Continue reading

mommy will you read with me?


“Mommy will you read with me?” Recently this question has become such a source of discontent for me. With it comes annoyance because as the last several days have ended, I’ve been tired. Irritation because it’s one more thing in the million things I am asked to do each day….one more demand on my tired time. I felt disappointed in myself for not being as excited as I used to be about this sacred time with my child and ashamed for not eagerly wanting to foster this ever so important developmental opportunity… Continue reading

ignorance really is bliss


For the last four years, I have been on what I like to call a journey of awakening. Growing, emerging and doing my best to look at life with my eyes wide open. I have learned that being awake to your world can be invigorating, rewarding and fun…but it can also be difficult and painful… Continue reading