my toddler is kind of like a “walker”

Albeit later than the rest of the human race, I’ve recently become preoccupied with The Walking Dead. I never thought of myself as one who would enjoy a zombie flick, let alone watch one religiously, but yes, you can count me among the 16 million fans. Continue reading

the many uses for a wall made of chalk…


I’ve been asked by several friends and readers to write a blog post about the giant chalkboard wall in the kitchen. How did we do it? What do we use it for? How do we clean it? Continue reading

will you or won’t you?


I don’t ever want to be a vegetable. I’m not ready to die. I certainly don’t want to lose my husband. Honestly, I don’t even want to ever think about such things. Imagining any of them is too painful and it’s much easier if I don’t. Until I think about what would happen if I didn’t. And so I do… Continue reading

mommy will you read with me?


“Mommy will you read with me?” Recently this question has become such a source of discontent for me. With it comes annoyance because as the last several days have ended, I’ve been tired. Irritation because it’s one more thing in the million things I am asked to do each day….one more demand on my tired time. I felt disappointed in myself for not being as excited as I used to be about this sacred time with my child and ashamed for not eagerly wanting to foster this ever so important developmental opportunity… Continue reading